Thursday, June 5, 2008

Eli's 2nd Tooth Lost...

Ok... so we won't go through every tooth lost but I figured since these are the very first one's I might as well post them! He actually lost this one a week after the first one it is just taken me that long to get here! We were out to breakfast and he was complaining that it was hard to eat and well it popped out right then! :)

Yesterday was Eli's last day of school in kindergarten and he claims he is now a 1st Grader! He is pretty proud of himself! We are very proud of him too because in February he wasn't reading AT ALL! 5 months later he is reading like crazy! He has been reading books for the 2nd grade level! He is my Mr. Smarty Pants! We are excited for it to be summertime because it means we are that much closer to coming home for our vacation! The countdown is on... August 5th! Not much exciting has been going on around here... just surviving the 90 degree weather we have had for the last two weeks minus 1 day in the 60's (quick little storm). The heat hasn't worn out it's welcome yet but from what I hear August is the month usually everyone starts to get a little sick of it! Fortunate for us we are going to be visiting back home for the month of August so we will get to escape the heat! :) Well it is time to go... so until next time!
Love you All!

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