Friday, May 2, 2008

Fabulous Surprise!

So it was Tuesday the 22nd of April and I was having one of those days! Ryan called home to talk to me and I was a grump! He then told me he was gonna bring me home a surprise to make me feel better! Well that doesn't happen that often so when he got home he told me to go outside to the car to get my surprise! Well I was stressing because the week before I had found a kitty just like "Pumpkin" at the pound. I had also contacted the landlords to see if we could have another cat in the house. The only problem was I had not yet told Ryan they had said "No"! So all I could think about was how we were gonna have to take "Jerry" (the cat back) when all of a sudden Shannon & Sven jumped out from around the corner! Well of course because I was so emotional I just fell apart! Balling like a baby! It just felt so good to have them here and they couldn't have picked a better time! We ventured around the city and went to the Lake! We just kinda gave them a mini tour of the area that we live! They even got to experience a good old rain & lightning storm too! We also went to Six flags... Sven, Eli & Ryan went on a few big coasters! Eli had to tell his father to "Open your eyes, Dad"! :) Needless to say we had a wonderful time with them and it was very sad to say goodbye again... but I know we will see them soon!


SweetMa said...

Wonderful, wonderful pictures!!! I am SOOOOOO jealous!! Loved seeing everyone's smiling faces tho. It made me feel good to see my family looking so happy and loved.

Sven said...

how bought some pics of that beautiful blue swimming pool in your backyard?