Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring is here!

So the sun is shining and I am feeling a little motivated to be doing something but can't figure out what! I figured I would start with this being that I have not posted anything for quite awhile now. So some pics of more recent times...
Like Noah's Ducktape car (Uncle Sven will appreciate this one!). Noah was having a 50's Drive in Movie Day and everybody was to bring their own car. So Ryan and Noah worked on this together (mostly Ryan) to make Noah his car.

Here are also a few pics of Mr. Eli from his first Baseball game of the season on his new team the "Volcanoes". I will get some better pics up soon but "Oh my goodness" look how old he is looking! I can't believe he is 7 now!

Well I am keeping the writing to a minimal because I really should be getting outside in this 77 degree perfect weather day! :)

Love you all!


Kasey said...

cute, cute, cute.

Anonymous said...

love the duct tape car! very cool ryan! eli is looking pretty handsome in his baseball uniform!
xxxooo shannon,emmasue&sven

SweetMa said...

I HAVE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FAMILY IN THE WORLD!!! Love that car, love my boys, Eli and Noah, love my Ryan, love my Emily!!!

Eat your heart out World!!