Friday, September 19, 2008

Missing you....

This is a song that Mom told me to listen to right after I found out Grandpa had finally went home. Thanks so very much for sharing this with me and well now I will share with all of you. The song speaks for itself.

I Love You All And Miss You Much!

I am forever grateful to the Lord for allowing me to come home to visit my Grandpa before he goes home to be with Grandma. This is a memory that will always be in my heart and I will never forget as long as I live.

I will miss you so much Grandpa... All your funny little stories about life and our family. One of the things I missed once Grandma was gone was how you two would tease and push each others buttons. Not only was it always amusing and funny but I felt such a sense of security with the two of you knowing that through all the years how much the two of you loved each other. You always know how to make someone feel so welcome and loved no matter what the situation. Your ambition and passion about life and not sitting back watching it go by but instead making a decision to go for it! I am going to miss walking down that hall of photos... To me it represented a long lifetime of love and family. I am going to miss the round coffee table that for some reason always reminds me of Christmas time and the display of ice skaters and the gumdrop tree! Grandpa you are the heart of this family and I want you to know that it will not be the same with out you.

Though it is hard for me to say goodbye to you Grandpa. I want you to know that I am so happy for you to be able to go home and see Grandma. Plus you never know... maybe Sampson is waiting there too! :) I know that Grandma is missing you as you are missing her. I will forever hold on to the words of wisdom and love that you have given to me and pass that on to my children and grandchildren as well. Always and forever you will be a part of my heart that I will never let go.

Your Sweetheart,


Anonymous said...

It was really nice to read this Emily. It puts everyone at ease to hear such good things. Makes me be thankful for what I have and the family I have. Remember you live in the past you dwell, you live in the future you worry, you live in the present and you live :) Thinking this way makes me live life to fullest and enjoy the things I have in my life now.

Love You,

Your Brother Sam

Anonymous said...

thanks so much emily for this, it was perfect what you wrote. I miss grandpa and grandma so much, but i know they are in eachothers arms now. and thank you Sam too, what you said is so true.

I love this song. The laugh of the old man reminds me of grandpa's laugh. I think I will miss that the most.
-Love Ruth Ann

SweetMa said...

What wonderful pictures and beautiful words. It is always difficult to put into words what we are thinking in our hearts when someone we love dearly goes Home.
I loved the seems to suit.
Here is something that was sent to me when my Daddy passed on. I found great comfort in reading it. Maybe you will too.
My love to you forever,
Mom Sheila

"When it is time for him to leave the body, he goes as one who throws off an old garment. Upon the divine wave he ascends to the bosom of God. No sorrow of earth can ever again submerge him. He rises above all turbulent waves of passion, as man mounts the sky in an airplane, while the floods of muddy water roll by beneath him. He rise triumphantly above every evil. You can never again be unhappy after he has once participated in this life giving music. Long after the melody itself is shut out by attention to things of this world, the joy of it goes ringing through his entire being. But the same ringing delight may be heard again any moment that you wish to listen to it. You have only to withdraw your attention from the outer world and concentrate a little.

"You won't hear all the life giving music he hears, only a glimmer. Enough to know what you need to know."

Jen r. said...

what a lovely post about your grandfather. Thank you for sharing. Jen