Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fourth of July...

It was our first "4th of July" without the Litwin family who we had a tradition of going to their home each year and enjoying a festive block party with fireworks and yummy food with them! We truly did miss not being there this year and now Ryan is insiting upon focusing our family vacation back home around the 4th of July! ;)

However though it wasn't the same we did end up having a really nice time watching fireworks with the boys. We just packed up a nice picnic dinner and headed out to the lake which was convenient being less than 10 minutes away and found a spot on a lawn by one of the Marina's on the Lake. We didn't know if it would be the "It" spot but because it was already crowded at 4:30 p.m. we decided to stick it out and hope for the best! We were so excited when the fireworks began because we couldn't have asked for a better spot! The boys laid on the blanket and just got to stare up into the sky at the beautiful fireworks for full 40 minutes! I myself wanted to experience this because as a child I remember going to lay on the lawn at Oak's Park to watch fireworks with my Dad (sorry Mom... I am sure you where there but for some reason this one particular time I only recall Dad taking us) when I was little. It was such a neat experience and so that Ryan and I got to do the same with the boys meant a lot to me!

Miss you all and the countdown to our visit is quickly approaching! YAY!

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SweetMa said...

These are wonderful pics!!! My family is soooooooooo beautiful. Texas became far greater the day the Ritter Family arrived!
We love you all and are also counting down the days!!! Hurry!
Love you all,