Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Beautiful Boy's...

I found a blog online... Not someone I personally know and I thought what a great idea! Being so far away from family and friends has been a huge challenge for us these past 2 months. So when I saw her blog I figured I could create one myself to share and then family & friends can feel like they are still a part of our day to day lives! Now I am not guaranteeing that I will be able to do this everyday but even if it's a few time's a month I thought that is better than nothing!

So I will start off with one of my most favorite pic's (and current) of the boys! Eli is now a big 6 year old and really beginning to become such a wonderful little man! He is doing so well in school! When we first moved here 2 months ago he could not read. He was behind in his class because they were all reading very well. His kindergarten class in WA. had not started reading. His new class in TX. had been reading for the past 9 weeks. Needless to say we started working on it nightly and he is now doing so well his teacher has moved him up a in a harder reading level. She felt that he needed more of a challenge since he was doing so well! I am so proud of him. We just got our first report card and she wrote that "I am so happy to have Eli in my class and he is such a sweet boy". For all of you that know him... he is just that. He has such a gentle heart and is very passionate. I love him dearly and for my first born I couldn't have been more blessed.

Noah is now 3 years old. I can't believe how time has flown by! He is slowly losing his baby chub and his cute little sayings "huh" which translated to yes! I have been a little less pushy for him to grow up because I am pretty much 95% sure he is our last. So he has definitely become a "Mommy's boy"... which I have to say I don't mind. He has become such a cuddle bug too and just recently after our big move has been a midnight visitor in our bed. I often just put him in the middle of Ryan and I and he just goes right to sleep. Unfortunately we have not upgraded to a king bed at this time and we are now seriously considering! I realized that for Noah he had never moved and didn't understand it when we left. He would often say "I want to go back to our old house" which would just break our hearts and remind us of how sad and hard this move was for us. Every day is a new adventure with Noah. He has been a challenging, very independent and strong willed boy for me. He loves to jump on the trampoline, color (which he is currently grounded from because he decided to put some of his artwork with a ball point pen on Daddy's leather chair), play Star Wars or Indiana Jones with big brother, and our regular outing to Starbucks for lattes and vanilla milk! Because Eli is in all day kindergarten it has given Noah and I a lot more time to bond just the two of us. I really do cherish it and I think he enjoys it too!

Well I think I am done for now. I will post more later. I have pics from Eli's t-ball game that I know grandparents are eager to see!

Miss you and love you all!


Sven said...

I'm so glad you started this!
What a handsome young man Eli is in his baseball uniform!
Love you guys,

SweetMa989 said...

Seeing these pics makes me SOOOOOO want to get a grab of my boys (the big one too) and of Em!!! I miss you all and look forward, every day, til the next time we are together.
Loves and loves and loves!!!
Mama Sheila